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It's an artificial intelligence created by Self-publishers for Self-publishers. Those who earn royalties generated on Amazon.

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You won't have to worry about ChatGPT and its constant bugs and errors anymore, it has been coded to produce quality booklets to prevent the book from no longer selling after 1/2 months

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Robobook will take care of writing the book for you, so you can focus on generating income with your Amazon business!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Very simple, it consists of 3 steps
1) Choose the correct template for the type of book you want to write, Non-Fiction or Cookbook
2) Enter the data contained in the brief related to author name, title, subtitle, summary, etc
3) Let write it for you, chapter by chapter
Yes, you can create your free trial account and start creating books without having to pay a single cent.
You'll be able to fully leverage the advantages of with no word limits, write unlimited books, and use other tools for creating many upcoming features like subtitles and descriptions.'s writing is based on the G.A.B.R.I. method, the first and only effective method for writing high-quality, accurate books without unnecessary repetitions, tested on +500 books.
Yes, also includes the editor function that will allow you to select the portion of text you're interested in and make the necessary changes.
Yes, it's designed for those starting from scratch as it has already been trained by us to write quality books. You'll just need to input the information about your book and it will start writing.
Yes, you can cancel your paid plan whenever you want, and upon cancellation, you will stop enjoying its benefits.